Permits, Applications, and Code Enforcement

Hendricks City Administration ensures compliance of the building code and oversees ordinances that regulate the construction, alteration and use of buildings, and transit options within the city.

David Blees, City Administrator, (507) 275-3192

Permits and Applications

Application for Land Use Permit Rezoning Application
Conditional Permit Variance Application

Code Enforcement
A code violation is any use of land, including vacant properties and buildings, which is contrary to the provisions of the Hendricks City Code. Once a complaint is received, the City’s Code Enforcement Officer logs the information in a database. The complaints are ranked according to priority, with health and safety issues taking precedence over violations that do not pose an immediate health or safety risk. The Enforcement Officer will conduct a site visit and, if a violation is confirmed, a warning letter (Notice of Violation) will be mailed to the property owner. The Code Enforcement Officer will give the property owner a deadline to abate all violations on the site. This deadline will vary according to the number and type of violation(s) on site.


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